Atlantic and Arctic basin lighthouse - restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems and increased climate resilience

Proposals are expected to focus on marine ecosystem restoration at a large scale through:

  • reduction of pressures (e.g. from fishing, pollution, extraction, barriers, and other human activities);
  • application of ecosystem-based management, nature-based and building with nature restoration measures boosting resilience to climate change (e.g. sea level rise, floods, loss of permafrost in the Arctic) and mitigating its impacts;
  • other effective locally adapted restoration measures and appropriate combinations of all the above.

The proposals should focus on demonstration activities for the restoration of marine and coastal ecosystems through nature-based solutions that boost coastal resilience, such as oyster reefs, kelp forests, wetlands and salt marshes. The proposals are also expected to explore different pressures and climate change adaptation needs in a systemic way, such as the soil erosion and its impact on coastal areas resulting in marine ecosystem pressures.

In addition, combination of nature-based restoration measures with sustainable and circular technological solutions, as well as sustainable aquaculture practices may be considered.

Proposals may involve coastal communities particularly vulnerable to the risks of extreme weather events and sea level rise, including islands and the EU Outermost Regions that urgently need restoration measures to adapt to climate change thus ensuring their population safety and climate proof and weather resilient infrastructure.

The proposals are expected to involve local actors and communities in active and passive marine ecosystem restoration and protection and holistic socio-ecological management of restored and valuable ecosystems, including where appropriate European volunteer/solidarity corps and citizens science activities in the restoration activities. Citizen engagement is a pillar concept for the Mission. Communities need to undergo significant changes in order to become climate-proof, and measures need to be co-owned in order to be best accepted. The involvement of local authorities and local communities will be required in order to ensure that the solutions designed are best suited, co-created and with the necessary ownership. Activities should, therefore, promote the involvement of local communities in order to hear from them the impact of intended actions, and to co-create measures that meet the Mission’s aims while taking local communities’ needs and values on board.

Tuesday, 12 April, 2022 - 17:00
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