April 2016
  Atlantic Action Plan


The annual Atlantic Stakeholder Conference is the central hub for stakeholders of the Atlantic Strategy to make valuable contacts and explore areas for cooperation, share information and good practices, promote and identify interesting project ideas as well as funding opportunities and partnerships for their projects.

The annual conference also offers a great transnational publicity opportunity to deliver Atlantic Action Plan (AAP) key messaging and further gain awareness of its' achievements.

The 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform conference will focus on topics related to Priority 1 of the AAP “Promote entrepreneurship and innovation” emphasizing on project development so as to promote activities linked with the Atlantic Best Practices and the Atlantic Project Award.

In addition, the conference wishes to give prominence to the international dimension of the Atlantic Strategy embodied in the agreement Galway and its potential support to the Blue Economy. The agreement recognizes that Atlantic research will in many areas be more effective if coordinated on a transatlantic basis.

The call for workshops is now open

Free registration for participants is online

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