31 August 2016
  Atlantic Action Plan


Dear stakeholders,

The 3rd Atlantic Stakeholder Platform Conference to be held in Dublin on 27 September 2016, will provide you, among other activities, with the possibility to meet with potential partners in order to promote your projects, exchange good practices and experiences and discover new funding opportunities in the EU Atlantic Area.

For this reason, the Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan, has developed an online application to assist you with Networking and Matchmaking activities during the event.  To this end, we encourage you to use this application and register your request online in order to pre-arrange your meetings (depending on availability). All confirmed registered requests during the period prior to, as well as on the day of the event will be posted on the Cooperation Wall during the day of the conference.

For activities related to match-making for partnering and networking (one-to-one meetings) please click here.

Also, do not forget to register online for free and declare your preference in our Conference workshops.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Dublin next month!

The Support Team for the Atlantic Action Plan


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