28 October 2016
  Atlantic Action Plan

The National Events organised by the Support Team National Units contribute to raise stakeholders’ awareness of the Atlantic Action Plan and the Atlantic Strategy. National Events are the fora for project cooperation promotion, exchange of experiences and best practices. Active participation of stakeholders is encouraged and facilitated through the conduct of interactive sessions and workshops. National Events have special focus on areas of interest for the stakeholders with emphasis been placed on funding information dissemination and facilitation of networking opportunities.

Three National Events have been held in 2016 in Portugal, Spain and France and the presence of stakeholders in each of these events exceeded anticipated attendance. The most recently held event was in Brest, France on October 13th, organised as part of the Sea Tech Week activities. It featured six workshops and reflected on national, regional and local maritime strategies.

The National Event in Ireland is scheduled to be held on November 24th, 2016 in Galway in parallel with the 7th Annual Marine Economics and Policy Research Symposium of the Socio-Economic Marine Research Unit National University of Ireland, Galway. The Event will explore current funding opportunities which address Priority 2 of the Atlantic Action Plan: Protect, Secure and Enhance the marine and coastal environment. It will aim to bring together managing authorities of EU funds and project promoters to discuss the Atlantic Strategy and understand its relevance to EU funding opportunities.

Information on the National Event in Ireland is available online and the online registration is now open. In addition, online information is available on the National Events held in Portugal, Spain and France. Scheduling updates on the UK National Event will be provided in forthcoming E-flashes.

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