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All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum

All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum

Witness what policymakers, stakeholders from many Atlantic coastal countries and beyond, and many EU funded projects have achieved since we navigated together on our Atlantic Journey in 2013 with the signing of the Galway Statement and the signing of Belém Statement in 2017.

The Forum will gather political and community leaders, researchers, industry, Youth Ambassadors and, inspirational speakers from along and across the Atlantic, from the Arctic to Antarctica, to showcase the results of cooperation and their impact on the citizens living on the shores of the Atlantic.

So save the date and spread the word:  the All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum on 6 – 7 February 2020! More news soon.

The All Atlantic Ocean Research Alliance results from the implementation of the Galway and the Belém Statements, as well as the EU cooperation arrangement with Argentina and Cape Verde. Its main goal is to enhance further ocean research and innovation to address the still considerable gaps in our knowledge and understanding of the Atlantic, from the Arctic to Antarctica. The European Union, USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Argentina and Cape Verde have already joined forces to support the Alliance, namely through the AORA CSA (coordinated by the Marine Institute) and the AANChOR CSA (coordinated by FCT). Learn more about the Alliance here and discover how other Atlantic nations can be part of it. There will many opportunities to get involved so make sure you subscribe their newsletter and follow their FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Brussels, Belgium
6-7 February 2020