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Implementing the Atlantic Action Plan – 2nd UK National Workshop on Funding and Project Development - Presentations

Session 1

Cllr Gerry Horkan (Chair of the Irish Sea Maritime Forum) [PDF en]
and a video message from Commissioner Karmenu Vella (European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries)

The Atlantic Action Plan: How the support team can help unlock opportunities for project development (Ben Drakeford, UK Focal Point) [PDF en],
Irish Sea Maritime Forum: opportunities for collaboration presented by the Atlantic Strategy (Sue Kidd, ISMF Secretariat/University of Liverpool)
[PDF en]

Update on Interreg Programmes relevant to the Atlantic Action Plan and the Atlantic Area Programme (Filippo Compagni, Department for Communities and Local Government) [PDF en]

Session 2

Blue Growth in the UK – what areas are of most interest for blue growth (Tim Goodship, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) [PDF en]

Liverpool LEP: Superport Liverpool initiative and the Atlantis Motorways of the Sea project, Pernille Kousgaard

Update on Horizon 2020 (Ian Holmes, UK Contact Point for Blue Growth) [PDF en]