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Blue careers as a strategy to foster Atlantic blue industry

The Port Authority of Vigo & Universidade de Vigo – Campus do Mar in collaboration with Cork Institute of Technology, Irish Maritime Development Office – Maritime Institute, Université de La Rochelle, Confederación Española de Pesca, Asociación Cluster del Naval Gallego and Instituto para el Crecimiento Sostenible de la Empresa, as the consortium of MarENet project: Atlantic Maritime Ecosystem Network, are organising an online workshop titled: "Blue careers as a strategy to foster Atlantic blue industry". Training and Labour Market Matching Workshop.

This Workshop will provide an exciting forum to learn and to discuss about the current status of Blue careers and the challenges that key maritime sectors (shipbuilding, sea-port logistics and services, fishing and aquaculture) and emerging such as blue biotechnology or renewable energy, are currently dealing with in terms of training and skills. For this purpose, representatives of DG MARE and EASME will share a general view of the efforts that European Commission is undertaking to promote Blue careers across Europe.

Keynote speakers from France, Ireland and Spain will be invited to participate and to provide their perspective and views. Further to this, the consortium partners will present project ‘s outcomes such as the “Analysis of the training and labour market mismatch in the Atlantic Basin” and the launch of the Blue career digital tools that will be created and shared to the whole public very soon.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, September 16 from 10:00 a.m. (CET)

Interested stakeholders are required to register by September 8th by filling the form here.

The agenda of the workshop can be found here.

Online Event
16 Sept. 2020