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iMarCo2019: International Martine Connectivity Conference

iMarCo is a new initiative aimed at creating an international network for promoting collaborative projects among European scientists interested in the study of marine connectivity. The network covers a broad spectrum of marine science disciplines including physical oceanography, microchemistry, genetics and evolutionary ecology, behaviour, tagging, fisheries and aquaculture.

The strategic objective of iMarCo is to organise and create synergies among the European scientific community sharing an interest in the understanding of the spatial dynamics of marine populations.

The specific objectives of this multidisciplinary European research network are:

  • Fostering innovative research and establishment of collaborative structures to develop joint projects and apply to research funding calls for proposals (e.g. EU FP2020).
  • Synthesis and dissemination of knowledge on oceanographic, genetic, and microchemistry methods for the study of connectivity.
  • Multidisciplinary training of young researchers by promoting scientific communication and geographic and thematic connectivity between different teams.
  • Organization of workshops and thematic schools (or Master modules) to achieve the necessary synthesis and advanced training of young researchers.
  • Promotion and dissemination of methods and results among managers of Marine Protected Areas and Natural Resource Agencies.

Registration is now open.

Aveiro, Portugal
23-25 Sept. 2019