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UHINAK - IV Cross border conference on climate and coastal change

Uhinak is a cross-border congress on how climate change and extreme events affect the coast of the Atlantic arch. In this fourth edition, the climate emergency takes on special relevance since the effects of climate change and extreme events require immediate action. That is why with Uhinak 2020 we move to act in the face of the weather emergency. Objectives: To know actions and solutions aimed at adopting the necessary measures for the defense and protection of the Coast to face the consequences of climate change; Bring together public administration, scientists and international experts, together with companies from the sector, to discuss the necessary interventions; Know experiences, learn good practices and collaborate in the management and maintenance of the coast; Promote cross-border collaboration and the creation of synergies; Receive the opinion of the public and disseminate the actions of the Public Administrations, given the concern caused by the storms; Meet new business opportunities that open in the sector.

Bilbao, Spain
30 Sep.- 01 Oct. 2020