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VI Congreso Internacional de Educación Ambiental

II Iberoamerican Congress on Environmental Education for Sustainability 

The Sustainable Development Goals set a new goal to reduce inequality and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Earth. They include the responses to the new environmental challenges, which have evolved since the Millennium Goals, in which sustainability occupied only one of the eight proposals, towards a more integrated vision that now covers at least half of the Objectives described.

No policy can move forward significantly if it is not accompanied by a conscious citizenship, and this reality is what environmental education aims to achieve. During the congress, progress will be reviewed as how it is intervening and what is expected of environmental education so that by 2030 the Objectives have achieved full compliance. Because environment and social justice are inextricably linked, not understanding any proposal for the future that either of both dimensions forgets.

The Congress also wants to present practical experiences of environmental education, consistent with the sensitizing role they represent. Experiences offered to other colleagues and institutions to enrich the universe of resources that allow us to advance in that integrative vision between the local and the global.

And finally, the realization of this Congress wants to celebrate the 25 years of existence of the Association, an already veteran instrument that, throughout its different stages, has taken environmental education to different places throughout our geography through courses, workshops, publications or conferences. A new moment to put our entity at the service of all who believe in a profound change through the values, culture and horizon of a new coexistence and harmonious model among all the beings that make up life on the planet.

13-16 February, 2020