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International Conference for Young Marine Researchers

The International Conference for YOUNG Marine Researchers – ICYMARE is to be held in Bremerhaven on 25 - 28 August 2020.  The conference is completely organized by young volunteers and offers a powerful and inspiring international set-up for an excellent network opportunity and some first conference experience in your early career. Let’s start a new ICYMARE tradition and meet every year to discuss our research, ideas, and plans for the future. Become part of a very special first edition of (y)our new conference series.

What is special about ICYMARE:

  • ICYMARE aims to be a networking event for YOUNG marine researchers
  • ICYMARE is completely organized by young marine researchers on voluntary basis
  • ICYMARE will have changing locations and hosting support
  • But most of all: ICYMARE aims to stay open minded to your ideas and input and the team takes extra care for ICYMARE to get that easy-to-talk-to atmosphere where you will build your network as well as make friends.

ICYMARE 2020 sessions will focus on the following:

  • Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Future of Sustainable Coastal and Ocean Management
  • The impacts of climate change over marine natural capital and the implications for its management
  • Marine Data Science
  • The Power of a Good Story: Building Narratives in Science Communication
  • Biophysics in the marine field
  • Micro-contaminants, Macro-problem: Marine Pollution in the Anthropocene
  • Beware of global changes: assessing marine stress and damage from lower levels of biological organization
  • Fantastic microbes and where to find them: Integrating “-omics” approaches to understand life
  • Exceptions make the rule: insights from mixotrophy
  • From physiology to ecology: what the holobiont concept can teach us about marine organisms and ecosystems
  • Often Overlooked: Understanding the Ecological Importance of Marine Invertebrates
  • Sustainable fisheries: it is bigger than catching fish
  • What is really on our plates? Mislabeling in seafood
  • Seafood production in a Blue Economy
  • Coastal Wetlands – Muddy is the new trendy
  • Tropical Marine Ecosystems in the Anthropocene
  • Into where does permafrost thaw? Investigating the terrestrial-marine transition zone in the Arctic
  • In a stable relationship: Isotope analysis and marine science
  • Palaeoclimatological insights into the modern climate change
  • Marine Plastic Pollution Research: Hazard vs. Risk
  • Marine Engineering
  • Open Session

The deadline for Abstract and Workshop submissions is 15 May 2020!! More information can be found here.

Bremerhaven, Germany
25-28 Aug. 2020