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Madrid LNG & Shipping Forum 2020

Madrid LNG & Shipping Forum 2020

More than 200 experts representing the highest authorities and main companies of the Liquefied Natural Gas Sector, come together in this Congress, which offers attendees the possibility to listen to the opinions of international experts both in the LNG and the SHIPPING Sector and in the one that annually the subjects of greater relevance for the moment are put under discussion.

The experience of the Madrid LNG & SHIPPING Forum began in 2012, having had an important international impact, which provides attendees a great opportunity to make their contacts with the best experts in both LNG and SHIPPING matters, exceeding all expectations of assistance , sponsored in turn by the most important companies within the sector.

Numerous experts from all over the world meet at the Madrid LNG to exchange knowledge, both industrially and in LNG-related markets, analyzing the opportunities and strengths of the Sector and seeking solutions to current problems.

This year the Madrid LNG & SHIPPING Forum 2020 will be held on May 28 and 29 and will offer, as in previous editions, a work program which includes the possibility of networking, with a high level of both speakers and companies they represent.


Madrid, Spain
11-12 Nov. 2020